Déjà vu


Déjà vu. The overbearing, irrational certainty that this has happened before.

We would like you to tackle what remarkably few bona fide horror writers have attempted as a central theme. We’re looking for 300 word stories around the theme of déjà vu.

The winner will be awarded £10 (paid via PayPal)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Entries must be in English
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older
  • No porn
  • Judge’s decision is final

Final deadline: 22nd October 2017



Face your Phobia


Phobias are irrational fears.

We want you to show us why there’s nothing irrational about them by doing to our readers what Pennywise does to Coulrophobics.

Send us, in 300 words or less, the most horrifying story you can think of involving one or more of these phobias.

Agoraphobia               – fear of wide/open/crowded spaces

Alektorophobia            – fear of chickens

Athazagoraphobia      – fear of being forgotten

Basiphobia                  – fear of falling

Globophobia               – fear of balloons

Pseudodysphagia       – fear of swallowing

Somniphobia               – fear of sleep

Theophobia                 – fear of religion

Trypanophobia            – fear of needles

Trypophobia                – fear of small holes or bumps.

The winner will be awarded £50 (paid via PayPal)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Entries must be in English
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older
  • No porn, S&M, rape or child exploitation
  • Judge’s decision is final

Early bird deadline: EXTENDED to 2nd June 2017

Early bird fee: £1 for one submission, or £2 for multiple entries.

Final deadline: 23rd June 2017

Entrance fee (after 2nd June): £1.50 for one submission, or £3 for multiple entries

COMPETITION CLOSED – Winner announced 19th July 2017


The Light of the Fair by Martin Sturrock

Congratulations also to Sherry Morris who was a very close runner up with her interpretation of the same phobia.


April’s Ghoul


Slaughtering pigs for their blood for a prank on prom night is hilarious until the wheels of karmic justice turn. As do the wheels of your car…

We would like to celebrate April first’s tradition of practical jokes and pranks here at Horror Scribes with our April’s Ghoul competition. Send us your 300-500 word story by 25th March 2017 and we will, with the help of a guest judge, award a very special prize to the most horrifying one.


Our winner will feature on the very first Horror Scribes Anthology Magazine which will be on sale this year. Watch this space for more information!

In the meantime,  let’s all hail the April Ghouls.

Free to enter

Guest judge: Morgan Parks (winner of Valentine’s Day competition)

****Competition closed – shortlist announced soon****

Shortlisted authors: Caleb Baeten, Steven Anderson, Dean Moses, E Fox, Martin Sturrock.


Buried in Sunlight by Caleb Baeten

Judge’s comments:

An understandable unkindness leads to a dire outcome.  I found this story satisfying because it is no one person’s fault, yet you can imagine how bad everyone involved will feel in the years to come. I also liked the character’s name and birth date corresponding and contributing to the situation.

Read Caleb’s winning story in our forthcoming Horror Scribes anthology, due out later this year.  In the meantime, here is a snippet of the story:

She was dying.
April woke the day after her birthday with a headache that most twenty-one year olds have experienced. Sunlight shoved razors into her eyes and it was all she could do to throw an arm over her face.

S/he loves me,i-love-horror

S/he loves me not…

Recognise this?  Well, we want your Valentine’s Day related flash fiction, 300 words or less.

Free to enter

Winner bags £10 and publication on site.

Deadline: midnight (GMT) on 10th February 2017

Good luck!

Guest Judge: Jade Mitchell (winner of Red XMAS comp)


Winner announced 14th February 2017

Shortlisted authors: Will Pepper, Morgan Parks, and Jack Binding


Two Hearts by Morgan Parks

Judge’s comments:

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the shortlisted stories, but the one that stuck with me, and gave me actual bodily creeps has to be Two Hearts.  A story about being ‘Crazy in Love’ like I don’t think Beyoncé ever meant, this managed to pack a lot of plot into some very tight writing, and still furnish the tale with loads of telling details about our deranged protagonist. It stops right at the point where I want to know more about what’s happened, but also can’t stand to watch what happens next. Good job.


Previous comp

For the festive period we ask that you send us your most horrific piece of flash fiction.  We want you to have fun with this so are not limiting writers to our usual 300 words.

The theme : Red XMAS

The cost: FREE!

The word limit: maximum 1000 words, no minimum.

The prize: a choice from two horror mug designs PLUS publication on the blog.

The deadline: midnight on 10th December 2016


Winner announced 19th December 2016

Guest Judge: David J. Wing of Zero Flash

Zeroflash.orgis a creative writing, flash fiction competition. Created to encourage writers to grow the flash fiction world. We offer a £10 prize and a unique illustration from our in-house artist for the winner. Entries are limited to 300 words. We also have a separate section to the monthly themed competition.


Shortlisted authors:  Jade Mitchell, Icy Sedgwick, Charlie McDowell, S L Dawes, B. T. Schweitzer


An Unknown and Compelling Force by Jade Mitchell

Judge’s Comments

An unknown and compelling force was a wonderful read. The atmosphere, the chill in the air, the train journey and the fear. All of it made me want to read more…why isn’t there more?! I want the back story, I want the answers!  Brilliant storytelling…write more, please. Just for me.