Horror Scribes

Face Your Phobia competition winner

The Light of the Fair by Martin Sturrock The fair came early this year, appearing overnight and bringing with it all the usual rides and attractions – not to mention the countless balloons, tied to every surface, so that the... Continue Reading →


April Ghoul (April’s Ghoul shortlisted entrant)

by E Fox Beware, beware the April Ghoul He’ll be waiting for you when you get to school Don’t be naïve, don’t be a fool Beware, beware the April Ghoul   You’ve heard the rumours, the lies, the jokes The... Continue Reading →

Just a Prank (April’s Ghoul runner up)

by Dean Moses The video ends. I gently guide the cursor and click replay. The screen flickers back to life, dressing my otherwise dark room in a pale glow. “Welcome, peeps!” An energetic man says into a handheld camera. “Lester... Continue Reading →

Hands are Meant for Holding (April’s Ghoul runner up)

by Steven Anderson I’ve never much liked my friends from school, with all their bickering, conniving, and envy. Melissa was jealous of Johnny’s car, Johnny was plotting to steal Alec’s girlfriend, and Alec just wanted to be alone and tie... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Competition Winner

Two Hearts by Morgan Parks I think of the toolbox as your gift, my love. Valentine red and so handy. Stop the hearse, that's the plan. At first, I consider the tacks left over from Great Auntie's upholstery. On second... Continue Reading →

Red XMAS competition winner

An Unknown and Compelling Force by Jade Mitchell December 20 We’ve arrived in Ivdel. It’s good to be off the train. Igor, Zinadia and I have been running to stretch our legs. The others are drinking. Zinadia and I are... Continue Reading →


by Carolyn Ward The trickiest part of writing in blood was always the opening of the first vein. A hot splash so unpredictable...

Sunday’s Child winner

By B.T. Schweitzer Dearest Sister, I write to you to tell this most jubilant news, I have given birth to my first begotten son only this morning! Such a kind and loving parent to so many, Ezekiel insisted that I... Continue Reading →

Saturday’s Child winner

by Alan Eeny, meeny, Monday hoe slash your guts from head to toe drink your bile with gin of sloe eeny, meeny, Monday hoe Ya, tan, Tuesday gnoff knock your noxious hobbleboots off dose your chilluns with whooping-cough yan, tan,... Continue Reading →

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